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“Who will stand in the highest point, once occupied by spectators, must confess that the audience of a theatre had never had such a sight before. On the top of… Read More


Continuing on state road 114 to S. Teresa di Riva, you reach an intersection leading to Savoca, a pretty village at 303 m. s.l.m. , an ancient and important religious… Read More

Sant’Alessio Siculo

His head, characterized by a promontory with two vertices on the first round with a castle and a medieval fortress on the second. His head, characterized by a promontory with… Read More

Fiumefreddo Nature Reserve

Head towards the town of Fiumefreddo of Sicily, with the train on the Catania-Messina, arriving at the local station, or by car from SS.114 ME-CT in place to take the… Read More

Mount Etna

Mount Etna is the highest volcano in Europe and one of the most active in the world. Its eruptions, on the summit and on the slopes, can endure for long… Read More

Adventure Park Etna

The Adventure Park Etna is the largest adventure park in South Italy with 15 true trails, excluding the various individual attractions such as Top Climbing, Boulder, Test Area etc. All… Read More

Isole Eolie

For those who want to hike a bit ‘longer, certainly not to be missed is a visit to the Aeolian Islands, reached by ferries and hydrofoils from Milazzo or Messina.… Read More

Alcantara gorges

Alcantara gorges are a canyon formerly generated by lava, with high up to 50 metres basalt walls. Between them Alcantara river flows in the wonderful Alcantara Gorges Botanical and Geological… Read More

Giardini Naxos

Naxos, is the first Greek colony founded in Sicily in 735 b.C. and has a wide archaeological area with annexed museum. Giardini Naxos, cradle of ancient Mediterranean civilizations and touristic… Read More


Continuing from the Alcantara Gorges SS185 can be reached Francavilla di Sicilia, which is home to a beautiful Capuchin convent in 1570. Called the “Casket of Alcantara Valley, ” the… Read More