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Forza d’Agrò

Just reach by car via the SS.114 to Cape S. Alessio and then continuing along the left fork. In summer, you can reach by bus from Taormina.A near Cape St.… Read More

Mouth of the river Alcantara

Can only be reached by car via SS114 towards Catania and then turning inland porch, or walking from the beach of Recanati. The route is interesting both for ornithological observation… Read More


Etnaland – c.da Agnelleria, Belpasso 95032 (CT) The Sicilian Amusement Park Etnaland, is located at the foot of one of the beauties on Unesco’s World Heritage List: the majestic Volcano… Read More


Accessible by car from the Sp 10 or by bus with the INTERBUS Bus service departs from Taormina. Medieval village, with unique views over Taormina, remnants of a Norman Castle,… Read More


Proceed on Route 114 towards Catania, after about 500m from the Bridge Alkantara junction on the right.… Read More